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This site is designed to be a source of assistance to all residents of Southdown Farm.
It is not intended to be a legally binding document of any sort but a guide to the way life is lived on the Farm.

A character is going around the Farm and may visit your, or a neighbour's, property. He is a very plausible individual who has been spotted looking in windows and claims to be here to service the AC or to power wash in the area. He carries himself in a very convincing manner. Similar events have also happened in Somerset and Warwick.

The Board has not authorised any work to be done.

Ask him to leave your property.

Approved window and shutter styles
At the AGM, there was discussion about replacements of windows and doors. The Board have obtained a special deal with PVC Windows and Doors. David Chiappa, owner and President, has agreed that all owners of units at Southdown Farm will receive a 15% discount across the board for any of his windows and doors and 7½% on shutters supplied and installed on the Farm. All orders and payments are for the individual owner's account unless specially ordered by the Maintenance Directors of the Board.
Visit their website for pictures and prices of all available items

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